The Signifcance of Canine Contacts and Temporalis Contraction Intensity

The temporalis contraction intensity is maximal so long as  there are
bilateral canine contacts, as with an Anterior Bite Plane...

Gibbs C, et al:  EMG activity of the superior belly of the lateral pterygoid muscle in relation to other jaw muscles: J Pros Dent 1984 May (51):691-701

By eliminating the canine contacts from the Anterior Bite Plane, the resulting appliance is considered an
"Anterior Bite Stop" (contacts on the incisor teeth only).
Without canine contacts, temporalis contraction is reduced to ~1/3 of maximum.
("LTA" and "RTA" below is Right Temporalis Anterior and Left Temporalis Anterior)

Becker, et al, Effect of a prefabricated anterior bite stop on electromyographic activity of masticatory muscles J Pros Dent, July 1999, Vol. 82