Chapter 10

                                          WRAPPING IT UP

We've discussed  headache and migraine pain from an angle that is unfamiliar to most health care providers.  I suppose that's one of the biggest reason's I've written this all down…to at least introduce the hypothesis to the health care field.

This is the fourth edition of this booklet, and since the first time I wrote it, a lot has happened.  Originally,
when I wrote the first edition, I was a doing general dentistry in San Diego, with emphasis on jaw muscle related disorders.  Then in 1995, I founded the Headache Prevention Institute in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  (What's this you say?  San Diego to Michigan?)  I wanted to focus my career on headache prevention, and it was necessary to start a completely new practice.  Since my wife's family were all in Michigan, it seemed like the right place to go…and it was!  Our entire emphasis was to  refine the NTI-tss treatment protocol.   During those four years (1995-98, we moved back to San Diego in 1999), I learned a great more about chronic headache; what it is, and just as important, what it is not.  The world's third largest dental supply company, Heraeus Kulzer, recognized the potential of the NTI-tss, and assisted me in doing pre-market testing. In July of 1998, the FDA gave marketing approval to the NTI-tss "for the prevention of temporomandibular disorders resulting for high intensity jaw clenching".  With Heraeus Kulzer's assistance (who helped in setting up a separate company for the NTI-tss, NTI-TSS, Inc.), my original goal had been accomplished; to make the NTI-tss device and method available to all patients through their local dentist.  I soon found myself lecturing all over the country to dentists about this new "breakthrough" product and method (that I had been using for 10 years and that dentistry had been aware of forever, but never thought to use it in this capacity).  Some of the slide presentations I use and detailed information about the NTI-tss are on my website.

On June 20th, 2001, the FDA approved the NTI-tss for the prevention of medically diagnosed migraine pain!  The clinical trial protocol and results are all on the NTI-tss website.  Right now, the NTI-tss is available to every migraine, headache or TMD sufferer, through their dentist.  If your dentist is not interested, there's probably one close by who is currently treating patients with the NTI-tss (refer to the patient's section of the NTI-tss website).

"As a registered pharmacist, I figured I had seen every specialist there was to see, or taken every medication possible. The NTI-tss made so much sense, I'm sure it will one day soon be available everywhere, because it works for me!"        Alan Medoff, R.PH., Ramona, CA

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