TENSOR VELI PALATINI                                                       TENSOR TYMPANI

               Origin                                                                                         Origin
 Scaphoid fossa and med aspect                                  Cartilaginous and bony margins of auditory tube
 of spine of sphenoid bone
              Insertion                                                                                      Insertion
 Palatine aponeurosis (via pulley of                             Handle of malleus (via process eustrochleariformis)
 pterygoid hamulus).
             Action                                                                                            Action
Tenses soft palate prior to elevation                                Protects and critically damps ossicular chain
(facilitates open and closing of eustachian tube)                (stabilizes inner ear and eardrum in response
                                                                                        to loud noises).
            Nerve                                                                                               Nerve
Trigeminal nerve to med pterygoid                                            Trigeminal nerve to med pterygoid
 (main trunk of mandibular N (Vc))                                           (main trunk ofmandibular N (Vc))